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Illustrated Melanin

Silent Prayers from the Heart: A Prayer Journal for Just You and God

Silent Prayers from the Heart: A Prayer Journal for Just You and God

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Reflect upon your life, embracing the full spectrum of experiences it has offered. Consider the times of uncertainty and contrast, as well as those moments of celebration and joy. Remember the deeper essence of your being, recognizing your connection to something greater than yourself.

Release yourself from the weight of your history, your past life. These are the aspects that no longer serve you, for they reside in a distant realm of memories. Let go of the lingering emotions that have already found their place behind you.

Restoration awaits. Fill these pages with the whispers of your prayers and the burdens of your worries. Allow your tears, whether of sadness or joy, to grace these ruled lines as you journey forward in your walk with God.

What's inside this lined journal?
  • "5.25 x 8" paperback journal. The perfect size to fit in your bag and take along with you to the park, beach, church, or wherever!
  • 135 black and white interior pages
  • Notes pages
  • Weekly Affirmations
  • Lined floral illustrations
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Meet the Artist

Elisa Summiel, is a San Diego based visual artist with a background in graphic & communication design. Read more here!

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