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Illustrated Melanin

Journal for Mindfulness: A Re-Imagined Edition

Journal for Mindfulness: A Re-Imagined Edition

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Get Intimate with Your Mind!

It's time we really start talking about the things that can help us grow and achieve great heights in life. We need to encourage and motivate each other, stay brave when facing challenges, and remain strong no matter what circumstances come our way.

A big part of this is how we speak to ourselves. Words hold power, and we control the internal voice in our heads. We should speak lovingly and kindly to ourselves, like we would to a best friend. Treat yourself with compassion and positivity.

This mindfulness journal can be a great tool for releasing all that beautiful, uplifting energy into your soul. Use it as a creative outlet to fill your mind and heart with joy, affirmations, whatever lifts you up. Let the pages be a sacred space for nurturing an inspired mindset.

You've got this! Keep writing, keep believing in yourself, and keep that positivity flowing. Small steps every day can lead to amazing growth.

What will you find inside this 7x10 soft cover journal?

  • 100 mindful pages to explore
  • Ruled pages for note-taking
  • Bed time dumps
  • Affirmations
  • Self-care tips and tricks
  • Space to doodle
  • & more
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Meet the Artist

Elisa Summiel, is a San Diego based visual artist with a background in graphic & communication design. Read more here!

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